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MSS SP-75 WPHY52 bends

Model No.︰24", 90°, XXS,
Brand Name︰sampipe
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description

ASTM A860 – Wrought High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel Butt-Welding Fittings


Grade: WPHY52

A860 WPHY52 is wrought high-strength low alloy steel for butt-welding fittings of seamless and electric fusion welded construction covered by the latest revisions of ASME B16.9, ASME 16.28, and MSS-SP-75. Butt-welding fittings differing from these ASME and MSS standards shall be furnished in accordance with Supplementary Requirement S58 of Specification A 960/A 960M. These fittings are for use in high-pressure gas and oil transmission and distribution systems.


Chemical Compositions (max, %) Heat analysis

C: 0.20

Mn: 1.00-1.45

P: 0.030

S: 0.010

Si: 0.15-0.40

Ni: 0.5

Cr: 0.3

Mo: 0.25

Cu: 0.35

Ti: 0.05

V: 0.1

Cb: 0.04

V+Cb: 0.12

Ti: 0.06


1. The carbon equivalent as calculated by the following formula, shall not exceed 0.42%:


2.If vacuum carbon deoxidation is used, silicon shall not exceed 0.10% by heat analysis and 0.12% by product analysis.

3. The sum of Ni+Cr+Mo+Cu shall not exceed 1.0%.


Mechanical Requirements



Yield strength, minA 0.2 % offset, ksi [MPa]

52 [360]

Tensile strength, ksi [Mpa]

66 [455] −91 [625]



Standard round specimen, or small-size proportional specimen, min, % in 4D


Rectangular specimen, for section thickness 5⁄16 in. [7.94mm] and over, and for all small sizes tested in full section; min, % in 2 in. [50 mm].


Rectangular specimen for thickness less than 5⁄16 in. [7.94mm]; min, % 2 in. [50 mm]. Width of specimen 11⁄2 in. [40mm].



Toughness: Cv energy absorption C; measured at −50°F [−46°C].

Size, mm

Average/min, ft·lbs[J]

Lateral Expansion min, MLS[mm]

10 × 10

30/25 [40/34]

25 [0.64]

10 × 7.5

25/21 [34/28]

21 [0.53]

10 × 5

20/17 [27/23]

13 [0.33]


A) Actual yield strength shall not exceed specified minimum by more than 15 ksi [105 MPa].


B) For each 1⁄32-in. [0.79 mm] decrease in section thickness below 5⁄16 in. [7.94 mm], a deduction of 1.5 % from the elongation value of specimens above 5⁄16 in. [7.94mm] is permitted. When the section thickness lies between two values defined above, the minimum elongation value is determined by the following equation: E = 48t + 15.00


where: E = elongation % in 2 in. [50 mm], and t = actual thickness of specimen


C) These requirements are intended to minimize fracture initiation. The requirements are not intended to give assurance against fracture propagation.


Hardness Requirements

Fittings shall have a maximum hardness of 22 HRC (235 HB

Payment Terms︰tt
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